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Tima will support you in many ways and we will work to build this website to assist in propelling you to new heights with your music career. Below are the benefits of becoming a member of TIMA.

Annual fee of $50 get you the following benefits:

* Artist developement.
* Affordable professional cd and video recording services.
* Discounts on cd and dvd manufacturing with printing, packaging, shrinkwrap.
* Promote your music to radio stations world wide via digital download.
* Play your music on our own radio station 24/7 "TIMA Radio.
* Build your own personal web-page on TIMA web-site and feature your music and video's Sell your cd's and dvd's in TIMA Store.
* Annual convention and Awards show. Concerts, Festivals, Special events.
* Networking with other professionals and Artist's.
* New benefits as they become available.


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