A New Face To The World Of Music
Bringing you the very best in service, is what TIMA wants to do. We have expanded and revamped our website to cater to the needs of the independant artist. You will find everything you need right here to push your career forward. We offer CD duplication, promotion through our compilation CD's and a host of other services. We want to project to the world the talent that you have. Whether you are a singer or song writer here at TIMA we would like to welcome you. We can take your genre of music and help you to be all that God has intended for you to be. When you join TIMA we have a lot of people in our organization that are here to help you and your music career. Each person has a special talent that they share with other TIMA members to help them to better themselves. Take time to look at each catagory of what we have to offer and maybe TIMA is something that you may feel could help benefit you and your talent.
Full Service For Our Artist
"YES" RECORDS was created out of our own need for a quality product. Being in the music business for over forty years we know only too well what it is like to find a trust worthy supplier for our music products. We are dedicated to give our customers the same quality and affordable prices possible. We only use the best media and ink on the market. Our duplicators and printers are the finest in the industry. We appreciate and value our customers and promise to treat your music and projects as we do our own. We don't charge for set up or changes for reorders. We want to be your supplier for life and your references are appreciated.

All of our duplicators are "red book compatible." We use "Xerox" Laser and Solid ink jet printers to produce the highest standard of print possible. We are constantly researching the CD and DVD market for the best products to assure you the "Artist" of the finest product available.

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